The architecture from daily assignments, from a commercial subject to an industrial process plan, a beverage bottling company, the university headquarters or corporate buildings. This requires a work attitude of reinvention and lack of prejudices.

Sabbagh Architects was founded in 1984 by Juan and Mariana Sabbagh, both graduates from Universidad de Chile. In 2000 Juan Pedro Sabbagh from Universidad Católica joined the studio, and in 2003 Felipe Sabbagh of Universidad de Chile became part of the team.

The office’s work has been characterized by the broad thematic diversity of the assignments requested. The professional work developed itself within different areas; Institutional, industrial, education, residential, real estate and services, with more than 3 million square meters built. We have an outstanding national and international participation in several works. The office has been involved permanently in the Chilean Architectura Biennal. with national and international awards and publications.

The office is internally organised by dividing the team into 5 workshops, all with their own leaders. The office has a permanent team of 45 professionals, including architects and administrative, and is able to incorporate up to 60 professionals, depending on the projects. Due to the size and scale of the projects, the office has been among the three most important architectural offices in the country for the last 20 years. We use modeling software and organize our work in a BIM platform. The working approach of the teams is based on the strategy in the relations with the project, from the time allocated to the various stages, and the responsibilities delegated.

Some of the projects that stand out between those who we have worked on, are the fuel station of Copec, between 1984 and 2012 of Pronto Copec chain and the fuel plants in Pureo and Mejillones.

The bottling company Andina, with the building of Vital, Envases Central, and the new Renca plant, the largest in South America.

The corporate buildings of Andina, Cruz Verde and Indumotora, and a few years ago the Rabobank building, the Chilean pavilion at Expo Shanghai, the Arrau office buildings and Huerfanos Tower, more than 15 campus for DUOC UC highlighting the corporate building and the recovery of patrimonial buildings of the DUOC Alonso Ovalle and Palacio Cousiño in Valparaiso. Recently the refurbish of the former Ochagavía Hospital and the UC Medical building in Diagonal Paraguay street.

  • Heller Net Sud Bank Corporate Building | 2001 - 5.350 | see project

    2002 | Santiago Biennial Winner
    2002 | Ibero-American Biennial Finalist

  • Torres House, Caburga Lake | 2002 - 550 | see project

    2002 | Santiago Biennial Winner
    2002 | Selected Ibero-aAmerican Biennial

  • Duoc Sede Valparaíso | 2003 - 7.500 | see project

    2009 | Juana Ross De Edwards Award

  • Douc Cousiño Palace | 2011 - 4.975 | see project

    2010 | Juana Ross De Edwards Award

  • Duoc Antonio Varas Corporate Building | 2008 - 13.000 | see project

    2008 | Santiago Biennial Winner
    2008 | 1st Place World Architectural Festival Barcelona

  • Chile Pavilion Expo Shanghai |2010 - 2.500 | see project

    2010 | Iberoamerica Biennial Design Winner